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Quadrant2Design is UK based exhibition stand contractors, who operate throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, but with a significant number of worldwide projects.We have twenty years of experience helping exhibitors with modular solutions that are reusable across different stand space, improving operational efficiency, and reducing costs, especially where multiple projects are involved.


Quadrant2Design is a specialist company, focusing on the creation and installation of reusable and modular exhibition stands, using the worlds premier stand-building system.We work with our own Swiss-design exhibiting system, called the Prestige Events System. Prestige is famous for creating exhibits that look exactly like a custom-built exhibition stand, yet with all the cost advantages of a modern system solution.


We operate from three fully-owned factories in Poole, on the south coast of the United Kingdom. All design, print, manufacturing and assembly is undertaken in-house, using our own staff, with no sub-contraction involved.


Case Study 1 CitySprint


CitySprint offer delivery and logistics solutions across the UK and are proud to deliver for the NHS.


CitySprint were keen to include high-level branding across the entire stand. The standard height of an exhibition stand is 2.5m, but high-level branding can be up to 4m tall. This would give CitySprint a much bigger presence on the trade show floor.


Another thing that CitySprint needed was storage space. Exhibition stands can look messy if there is no out-of-sight storage available to keep promotional literature and giveaways out of the way.


Finally, CitySprint needed a reusable and reconfigurable stand. It would be unrealistic to try to get the same size floor space at every show. Here is a small example of the spaces that CitySprint have booked previously.



7m X 4.5m



10m X 3m



4m X 3m



6m X 5m


Their exhibition stand had to adapt to suit all of these floor spaces and more.


Since we started working with CitySprint, they have rebranded and we have enhanced our product offering. We’ve designed and developed several unique design features that we were able to incorporate into their stand.


This includes things like curved, branded counters and illuminated product showcases. To bring the brand to life, our graphic designers created a photo-floor for an immersive branded experience.


Storage was highlighted in the brief and we wanted to make sure they had plenty. By creating a unique structure and fitting a curtain, we were able to give CitySprint maximum out-of-sight storage to keep their stand tidy.


Finally, our designers knew that CitySprint were keen to fix screens and iPads into their exhibition stand. We included iPad mounts on their branded counters so that they were able to capture lead data and show prospects their website.



Case Study 2 Coil Candy E-Liquid

Coil Candy, based in Florida, produce e-liquids in seven distinct flavours. They take inspiration from the most delicious fruits and desserts you can find. And, according to their reviews, their e-liquid is one of the best products a vaper can buy.

Coil Candy是位于美国佛罗里达州的一家电子烟油生产商,以其独特的七种口味的电子烟油而闻名。他们从人们最爱美味水果和甜点中汲取灵感制作产品。根据消费者对其作出的评论,Coil Candy电子烟油是老烟枪们可以买到最好的产品之一。

Coil Candy sell e-liquid in small bottles. Because Vape Expo is a trade and consumer show, they wanted the opportunity to display as many products as possible. Coil Candy asked us to design an exhibition stand with enough space to display 4,000 bottles of e-liquid.

Coil Candy主要商品是小瓶装的电子烟油。因为电子烟博览会是贸易商和消费者都会参加的展会,所以他们希望可以通过展台设计展示尽可能多德产品。Coil CandyQ2D的要求是:设计一个展台,使他们能在展位上有足够的空间来展示4000瓶电子烟油。

They had decided to share their floor space with another company (which is a great idea if you are looking for exhibition budgeting tips). Coil Candy booked a 6m X 6m space with three open sides. They used 6m X 3m to showcase their brand and products.

考虑到预算问题,Coil Candy聪明地选择与另一家公司共享展位空间,他们先预订了6m×6m的空间,共带有三个开放面,然后自己选用了其中6m×3m的一部分展示自己的品牌和产品。

The biggest challenge in this brief was designing an eye-catching stand that didn’t take attention away from the products. Coil Candy needed out-of-site storage to keep stock that they would replenish. But they also need bold graphic design that would help them stand out at Vape Expo.

Coil Candy的展台需求中最大的挑战是设计一个引人注目的展台,但同时又不能转移人们对产品的注意力。在储藏空间上,由于Coil Candy有场外仓库帮助补充、保持库存,因此大胆的图形设计并没有太多障碍,Q2D必须达到这个要求以帮助他们在电子烟博览会上脱颖而出。

Furthermore, they needed an exhibition stand that they could reconfigure as they intended to exhibit at Vape Expo again. And they did. The following year, they asked us to adapt their stand to fit a 3m X 3m space that was open on one side.

此外,Coil Candy还需要展台可以在下一届电子烟博览会上继续使用。Q2D没有让他们失望。第二年,只是经过了些微调整的展架,就完美匹配上单侧开放的3m×3m展位。

Coil Candy provided us with their branding guidelines so that we could design an exhibition stand that perfectly defined them. We’re experts when it comes to graphic design for large format printing, but we like to add unique design features to make every stand more impactful.

Coil CandyQ2D提供了自己的品牌指导,方便后者可以设计出完美定义自身形象的展台。而在进行大幅面印刷的图形设计时,Q2D回到专家的角色,并希望为Coil Candy的展台添加独特的设计功能,以使得每个支架都能更具影响力。

High-level branding is a great way to make your brand stand out. As is movement. And lighting.


We designed a fret cut backlit rotating header for Coil Candy. The feature stood almost a metre above the rest of the stand, towering over competitors. Coil Candy’s logo was visible from across the floor.

Q2DCoil Candy设计了品格切割背光旋转接头,该展架比正常的支架高出近一米,耸立于周边的竞争对手之上。而整个地板上都清晰可见Coil CandyLOGO



Quadrant2Design work with one solution, the Prestige Events System. It offers a 100% graphic look, with no aluminium framework interrupting your branding. Our system is reusable and reconfigurable, so Coil Candy would be able to use the same stand year-on-year.

Q2D在该项目上仍然使用专有的“重头戏系统”。它提供100%的图形外观,没有铝制框架对品牌形象造成影响。通过该系统制作出的展台都是可重复使用以及可重新配置的,因此Coil Candy可以每年都使用相同的支架。

To offer Coil Candy even more value, we suggested that they take advantage of our Free2Hire pricing plan. This includes:

· in-house project management

· bespoke graphic design

· professional installation and dismantle

· Free lifetime design

为了在Coil Candy的展台项目中附加更多价值,Q2D向其建议自家的Free2Hire定价计划,其中包括:

· 内部项目管理

· 定制图形设计

· 专业的安装和拆卸

· 终身免费设计

This is the best package deal for rental exhibition stands, as we never charge a fee to hire the hardware. What’s more, the cost of repeat exhibiting can decrease by up to 70%.


Coil Candy saw the benefits of our Free2Hire plan when they booked their second space at Vape Expo. They were able to reuse their graphic panels and their branded counter on a different sized shell scheme space. Our CAD designers reconfigured their exhibition stand for free as part of their lifetime free design

Coil Candy在电子烟博览会预订了第二个展位时,发现了Q2D提供的Free2Hire计划的好处。即使不同大小的展位空间,也可以将相同的图形面板和品牌柜台方案重复使用。并且利用该计划的一项条款,Q2DCAD设计师免费帮助他们重新设计了展位。

To solve the storage solution, we integrating shelving into Coil Candy’s branded counter. The shelving had open access at the rear and clear windows on the front. It made the whole stand feel more like a shop than an exhibition display.

为了解决展品展示的解决方案,Q2D将货架集成到Coil Candy的品牌柜台中。架子后部有开放通道,前面设有透明窗户。它使得整个展台更具有商店的特点,而不像处于展会之中了。

Finally, we included illuminated showcases with integrated shelving for additional product display. These showcases were coloured coordinated to make the products on display. There was also a storage area that Coil Candy could access via a curtain to keep excess stock tidy and out of sight.

最后,Q2D设计囊括了照明和集成货架的展示柜,还可以用于其他产品的展示。这些展示柜的色彩协调一致,使得产品更加惹眼。在展示柜附近,还设有一个可以让Coil Candy的工作人员通过帘幕进入的储藏区域,这里可以整洁地放置多余的库存,并让展会上的普通观众看不见。


Case Study 3 Haywood & Padgett


Haywood & Padgett have spent 30 years perfecting the great British scone. Their expert team have developed innovative, exciting products that sold in the top high street retailers.


Haywood & Padgett had a busy exhibition calendar that took them to Germany, London and Birmingham. They needed a stand that was reusable, reconfigurable and easy to transport. Ideally, they wanted a professional installation option that included international events.


The aim was to show distributers that they had the capability and capacity to deliver on a wholesale basis. They produce around 4.5 million scones a week so we knew it wouldn’t be hard to share that message.


The first show that they asked us to design a stand for was IFE 2017. The floor space was 6x3m with two open sides. This is a good sized space to achieve the brief, and we knew we could design something spectacular to stand out from the other shell schemes.


We are experts when it comes to shell scheme transformations, and Haywood & Padgett’s exhibition stand was no different. Our seamless graphic look was perfect to entice delegates over to their exhibit with gorgeous baking imagery.


High-level branding helped Haywood & Padgett stand out on the trade show floor. We removed the fascia panels and ceiling grid to allow us to extend the height to 3.9m – towering above the other shell schemes.


Integrated product showcases, fitted with shelving and downlighting, encouraged visitors to engage with Haywood & Padgett’s product range. There was also a meeting area on the stand, which made one-to-one meetings with distributors possible.


Photo-flooring was the final step in bringing this brand to life. A printed vinyl floor covering made to look like a wood finish was embellished with the Haywood & Padgett logo.



Case Study 4 Barber’s Farmhouse Cheese


Barber’s Farmhouse Cheesemakers produce award-winning cheese in their family-run dairy based in Somerset. With nearly two centuries of cheese making under their belts, the Barber family are committed to making the finest farmhouse cheddar.


Barber’s Farmhouse Cheesemakers had booked a 3m X 3m floor space at IFE 2015. The space was on the corner of a shell scheme block and had two open two sides.


Live event marketing was a crucial part of their business. As well as the International Food Exhibition, Barber’s Farmhouse Cheddar also exhibit at the BBC Good Food Show and attend the World Cheese Awards each year.


Exhibitions are a fantastic opportunity to network with industry leaders, showcase your product and generate leads. Barber’s Farmhouse Cheesemakers needed a graphic design that would help them make a lasting impression, find new suppliers and win more awards.


They asked for modern, but traditional graphics that weren’t too rustic or corporate. They needed a unique solution to showcase their products as they had a variety of promotional literature, small tasters and large wheels of cheese.


Having had a look at our showroom, Barber’s Farmhouse Cheesemakers decided that they liked the wood panel effect walls. However, they were still keen to see a modern take.


We design and build over 600 exhibition stands each year at venues across Europe. However, as we have an office full of cheese lovers, this has been one of our favourite stands to work on.The vintage cheddar made on the Barber’s family farm is our favourite, and this brief was a dream come true. Barber’s Farmhouse Cheesemaker’s wanted something modern that wasn’t too corporate. They wanted to steer away from traditional, rustic looking graphics.



We combined the two. The aged wood effect L-shaped counter was perfect for the team to chat with delegates over a delicious cheese sample. The main structured was cladded with floor-to-ceiling graphics showing off the product and the farm perfectly.