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LG LAT140 Transparent Color LED Film digital signage display was designed to elevate spaces with vivid, flexible signage that can turn virtually any window or glass surface into a canvas for content.

LG LAT140透明彩色LED薄膜数字标牌显示器,能够通过生动且灵活的标牌形象营造并提升空间美感。该标牌几乎可以将任何窗户或玻璃表面变成画布以显示内容。

LG Business Solutions USA has introduced the LAT140 Transparent Color LED Film digital signage display, the latest in a series of products designed to elevate spaces with vivid, flexible signage that can turn virtually any window or glass surface into a canvas for content.


First introduced as a 24mm pixel pitch model, the new 14mm version nearly quadruples the number of pixels in the same space and doubles the brightness generating an incredibly vibrant viewing experience that attracts the attention of passersby, while also displaying a variety of content options, ranging from bold text to head-turning animations and images.


The transparent LG LAT140 will provide unlimited opportunities for retailers, offices, transit hubs and more in need of outfitting spaces with an innovative, customizable and unobtrusive signage option.

可以预见的是,透明的LG LAT140将为零售商、办公楼、公共交通枢纽提供更多的标牌选择,并为需要给空间配备创新、可自定义且不会占用太多空间的标牌的用户,提供更多选择的机会。

“Our smallest pixel pitch yet for a Transparent LED Film means more detail for captivating content. Blending into the existing interior design, it’s virtually invisible when turned off,” said Dan Smith, vice president, business development, LG Business Solutions USA. “Once turned on, the bright LEDs, with their 125 million colors, create a captivating display that can make large glass walls look virtually opaque at a distance. This works great for conference rooms or other areas that may need temporary privacy.”


The LG Transparent Color LED film is self-adhesive, so it can be easily attached to surfaces of existing window glass without the need for complex installation—making it ideal for stores, malls, hotels, stadiums and airports to communicate wayfinding and branding messaging in a simple, unique and engaging way.


“Installation is truly as easy as peel and stick,” Smith explained. “You peel the LED film off like a sticker and apply it to your desired surface, then connect the power and data cables. It really is that simple to install.”



LG Transparent Color LED Film is customizable and flexible.


The size and layout of the film can also be customized to fit into the installation area. Expansion requires merely adding more film in a vertical or horizontal format or cutting them to size in parallel with the bezel.


“Before this product introduction, if someone asked me if an LED module could be trimmed, I responded with a resounding no,” Smith said. “But in this case, the film can actually be trimmed down in parallel with the bezel, opening up a whole host of new customization options.”


Managing display content is made easy with the Control Manager platform. Available on internet-connected devices, users can control content and monitor the status of multiple displays in different locations in real time. This is especially useful for larger installations in which users need to review content before sending it to the display.


Control Manager also allows users to adjust and set brightness based on the time of day, so that messaging is not too bright at night or washed out in daylight.


What’s more, the LG Transparent Color LED film is compatible with webOS Signage, a web-centric platform that makes it easy for system integrators and developers to build web-based solutions according to various environments. By supporting open API and compatibility with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, users can save time and effort creating display content.

此外,LG这款LED膜与云系统平台webOS Signage兼容,使得系统集成商和开发人员可以轻松地根据各种环境构建基于网络的解决方案。通过支持开放的API并与HTMLCSSJavaScript兼容,用户可以进一步节省创建显示内容的时间和精力。


Blending into the existing interior design, it’s virtually invisible when turned off.


“LG Transparent Color LED Film is customizable and flexible, and it demands the attention of viewers,” Smith concluded. “Lifelike images are now viewable on what was once a plain sheet of glass, sure to wow passersby.


“This unique transparent digital signage display technology is an enhanced tool for installers, commercial businesses, and designers to bring virtually any commercial space to life.”