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LED display at the Island H2O Live! Water Park wave pool measuring 42 feet wide-by-22 feet high.


Jimmy Buffett’s newest vacation attraction Margaritaville Resort Orlando celebrated its grand opening earlier this year with cutting-edge digital display technology from SNA Displays. The sprawling destination resort located just south of Orlando in Kissimmee is the latest amusement park property to utilize digital displays as a way to attract and engage visitors. The project incorporates a wide assortment of digital signage over a vast campus and for various purposes, including digital wayfinding, pylon identification signage, and spectacular assets. In total, there are more than thirty digital displays, including LCD monitors, free-standing kiosks, and interior and exterior LED screens.

今年早些时候,吉米•巴菲特(Jimmy Buffett)最新的度假胜地奥兰多玛格丽塔维尔度假村(Margaritaville Resort Orlando)用SNA Displays公司的尖端数字显示技术庆祝了开业典礼。这个位于奥兰多南部的大型度假胜地是最新一家利用数字显示器吸引和吸引游客的游乐园。该项目在一个巨大的校园内整合了各种各样的数字标识,用于各种各样的活动,包括数字导向标识和塔标识。总共有30多个数字显示器,包括LCD显示器、独立式报亭和LED显示屏。

“This was such a wonderful project for our team, and we couldn’t be happier with the results,” said Dennis Hickey, president of SNA Displays. “With major accomplishments in various market segments like LED spectaculars and corporate interiors, it is very rewarding to be involved in such a prominent resort and amusement park project like this.”

SNA Displays公司总裁丹尼斯•希基(Dennis Hickey)表示:“这对我们的团队来说是一个非常棒的项目,我们对结果感到非常高兴。在LED和企业内饰等各个细分市场都取得了重大成就,能够参与这样一个著名的度假和游乐园项目是非常值得的。”

The flagship signage for the new Margaritaville property is an LED display at the Island H2O Live! Water Park wave pool measuring 42 feet wide-by-22 feet high. The screen has a resolution of 1,280-by-672 pixels.


Upon entering the waterpark, visitors are greeted by an LED display approximately 21 feet wide-by-9 feet high just above the turnstile awning. A twin LED screen, also installed above the awning, can be viewed as resort guests exit the waterpark. Both of these displays have a resolution of 480 pixels wide-by-264 pixels high.


Several LED installations can be found in the retail area of the resort.


Across the 300-acre property in the retail area of Margaritaville are several additional LED installations by SNA Displays.

在Margaritaville零售区域占地300英亩的房产中,SNA Displays还有几个额外的LED装置。 

An entrance pylon contains a mix of two-sided static and digital signage, including a 16-foot-wide-by-9-foot-high LED display.


There are also three LED screens placed around various roundabouts in the retail area of the resort, providing themed and directional messaging to resort traffic.


Another double-sided pylon display was installed close to the 184-room resort hotel. This vertically oriented LED screen measures 11.5 feet wide-by-19 feet high with resolution of 352 pixels wide by 576 pixels high.


An entrance pylon contains a mix of two-sided static and digital signage.


All exterior LED displays at the resort were produced from SNA Displays’ Empire™ product line and feature a 10-millimeter pixel pitch.

度假村的所有外部LED显示屏均采用SNA Displays的Empire™产品系列生产,并具有10毫米像素间距。

SNA Displays also supplied an interior video wall for the resort’s hotel lobby. The 20-feet-wide, 9-feet-high screen from the SNA Displays’ BOLD™ line of interior display products features a 2.5-milimeter pixel pitch. At 2,400-by-1,080 pixels, it’s the highest-resolution LED video display on the property.

SNA Displays还为度假村的酒店大堂提供了一个室内视频墙。SNA Displays的BOLD™系列内饰显示产品的20英尺宽,9英尺高的屏幕具有2.5毫米像素间距。它的亮度为2,400×1,080像素,是该物业中分辨率最高的LED视频显示器。 

“I’d like to thank SNA Displays for an overall great experience with the signage for the Margaritaville Resort Orlando development,” said Peter Brown, executive director of operations and asset management for Encore Capital Management. “From purchase order to commissioning to support, there were so many important aspects of this project that the team from SNA Displays managed successfully.”

Encore Capital Management运营和资产管理执行总监彼得·布朗说:“我要感谢SNA Displays对奥兰多Margaritaville度假村开发标识的贡献。从采购订单到制作支持,还有SNA Displays的团队成功管理这个项目很多重要方面,。” 

LED screens placed around various roundabouts in the retail area of the resort provide themed and directional messaging.


The digital signage network will be promoting various events and activities throughout the resort in addition to displaying commercial content. Media sales are managed by Boldsite Media.

除了展示商业内容外,数字标识网络还将推广整个度假村的各种活动,其中媒体销售由Boldsite Media管理。 

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Encore and SNA Displays on this great project,” said Bob Johns, president of Boldsite. “More and more, brand ambassadors and other marketers are looking for ways to reach consumers in destination environments. Margaritaville Resort Orlando just exudes a fun, lively environment, perfect for companies to reach and interact with people of all ages.”

Boldsite总裁Bob Johns说:“我们很高兴能与Encore和SNA Displays在这个伟大的项目上合作,越来越多的品牌正在寻找在目的地环境中接触消费者的方法。 Margaritaville Resort Orlando酒店散发着一个充满乐趣,非常适合公司与所有年龄段的人交流和互动。” 

Think Patented established roots in Miamisburg, Ohio, as a traditional printing company, but has since grown to a full-scale marketing execution company that provides a wide range of services. They recently added Vycom’s new Celtec® Woodgrain expanded PVC material to their product lineup to meet a customer’s need for a rustic, yet easy to clean, durable sign.

他们最近将Vycom的新型Celtec®木纹膨胀PVC材料添加到他们的产品阵容中,以满足客户对质朴,易清洁,耐用标识的需求。 最初这是一家传统打印公司,但后来发展成为一家提供广泛服务的全面营销执行公司。

“To grow our business, we can’t just put ink on paper anymore. We need to add value for the client, and that means having an entire host of tools under one roof,” explained David McNerney, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Think Patented. “Celtec has always been a reliable substrate for us, and we’re pleased that the new Woodgrain carries the same dependability and features.”

Think Patented销售和营销副总裁David McNerney解释道:“为了发展我们的业务,我们需要为客户增加价值,这意味着在我们要升级一整套工具。Celtec一直是我们可靠的基材,我们很高兴新木纹具有相同的可靠性和功能。” 

Another double-sided pylon display was installed close to the 184-room resort hotel.


As a frequent printing solutions services resource for Vycom, Think Patented was the natural choice when the company wanted to test how Celtec Woodgrain would perform as a printing substrate. “They were looking in particular at whether it would enhance the look of a photo printed on it,” said McNerney.

作为Vycom频繁的打印解决方案服务资源,当公司想要测试Celtec Woodgrain打印基板的性能时,Think Patented是正确的选择。因此麦克纳尼说道:“他们特别关注是否会增强印在其上的照片的外观。” 

Vycom provided them with various images of scenery and Think Patented printed them on eight-by-eight-inch samples of Celtec Woodgrain using UV ink.

Vycom为他们提供了各种风景图像,Think Patented使用UV墨水将它们打印在8×8英寸的Celtec Woodgrain样品上。 

“From our perspective as professional printers, whenever we use textured material it can really add depth or effect to the piece,” noted McNerney. “The Celtec Woodgrain material was no exception. The ink adhered well, the images looked great, and we had no issues with it.”

McNerney说:“从我们作为专业打印机的角度来看,无论何时我们使用纹理材料,它都可以为作品增加深度或效果,Celtec Woodgrain材料也不例外。油墨粘附良好,图像看起来很棒,它没有任何问题。” 

Celtec is designed for use in a broad range of projects, including point of purchase displays, signage, art, storage, store fixtures, exhibits/kiosks, dimensional lettering, and display boards. The lightweight material is easy to fabricate, paint, and laminate. The smaller cell structure of Celtec Expanded PVC gives it optimal density, providing easy workability, edge finishing, and superior screw and staple retention. The first in Celtec’s Textured Expanded PVC line, Celtec Woodgrain is available in white, with a one-sided textured woodgrain finish.

Celtec设计用于广泛的项目,包括购买点展示,标识,艺术品,商店固定装置,展示和显示板。轻质材料易于制造,涂漆和层压。 Celtec膨胀型PVC的较小泡孔结构使其具有最佳密度,易于加工,边缘精加工以及优异的螺杆和订书钉保持力。Celtec Woodgrain是Celtec纹理膨胀PVC系列中的第一款产品,采用白色,单面纹理木纹饰面。 

As the successful printing tests were wrapping up, Jason Schultz, director of strategic accounts at Think Patented, approached McNerney with a new customer challenge: The World Equestrian Center (WEC), Wilmington, Ohio, wanted an indoor sign that looked like aged, rustic wood. Because it would be located adjacent to riding facilities where horses regularly clomped through the area, the sign needed to be durable and easy to clean. Celtec Woodgrain was selected as the perfect solution.

随着成功的打印测试结束,Think Patented的战略客户总监Jason Schultz向McNerney提出了新的客户挑战:俄亥俄州威尔明顿的世界马术中心(WEC)想要一个看起来质朴的室内标识。因为它将位于骑马设施附近,马匹经常穿过该区域,所以标识需要耐用且易于清洁。Celtec Woodgrain被选为完美解决方案。

Rustic CeltecWEC provided images of wood in the color and style they liked, as well as the look of aged tin that would be printed on another substrate and attached to the Celtec substrate. Think Patented ran a quarter-scale proof of the concept and, as they expected, found the textured substrate brought depth and authenticity to the image of the aged wood.

质朴的CeltecWEC提供了他们喜欢的颜色和样式的木材图像,以及将在另一个基材上打印并附着在Celtec基材上的老化的外观。 Think Patented对概念进行了四分之一尺度的证明,并且正如他们所预料的那样,发现纹理基板为老化木材的图像带来了深度和真实性。 

“It created a very realistic aged-wood look the client loved. We were also able to attach the other substrate to the Celtec using a simple liquid adhesive and they bonded together very soundly,” said Schultz.


McNerney sees many opportunities to use the new Celtec Woodgrain for their clients, whether the end result is a wood-look product or just an image with more depth and texture than flat substrates offer. “This new material continues to meet our expectations for Celtec and has allowed us to differentiate ourselves in delivering a solution to our client,” he said.

McNerney认为很多机会可以为他们的客户使用新的Celtec Woodgrain,无论最终结果是木质外观产品还是仅仅是平面基板提供的深度和纹理更深的图像。Schultz说: “这种新材能够满足我们对Celtec的期望,并使我们能够在为客户提供解决方案方面脱颖而出。” 

LED Video Wall for the resort’s hotel lobby.