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North Marketing Solutions displayed the Rolling Stones ‘lips’ statues in places where they would make a big impact once they were revealed.(NorthMarketingSolutions公司在一些地方展示了滚石乐队的“嘴唇”雕像标识,在曝光后产生巨大轰动。)

Alongside their agency partners, North Marketing Solutions Inc., a Toronto and Hamilton-based full-service marketing agency which specializes in design/build, printing signage, lighting solutions, and retail displays, was exclusively selected to create promotional concepts to make the national concert announcement.

North Marketing Solutions是一家位于多伦多和汉密尔顿的全服务营销代理公司,它和代理合作伙伴合作进行标识的设计和建造、标识的印刷、解决照明问题和零售展示,最近它被雇佣创建一个标识,发布全国音乐会的公告。

As a marketing solutions firm, the company’s first thought was not only to go big, but to also take into consideration, given the grand scope of the announcement, a concept that would cause a stir, create a buzz, and grab attention—on a national level. To accomplish this, it was decided that a series of larger-than-life branded statues as installations of the band’s iconic ‘lips’ logo would be just the ticket.


Through a guerilla marketing plan—where the giant lip statues were dropped overnight in multiple locations across Ontario—the replicas of the band’s iconic symbol produced more than 80 million impressions worldwide via news coverage and social media hits from people snapping pictures, taking selfies with the statues, and sharing, liking, and commenting on the posts.



Each job starts with a design, which typically includes a computer-aided design (CAD) drawing and 3D model.(每项工作都从设计开始,通常包括计算机辅助设计(CAD)绘图和三维模型)


What makes this symbol so iconic?



The beloved Rolling Stones ‘lips’ logo has been etched into the consciences of rock ‘n’ roll fans for generations, across any and all borders. Some say it is one of the most recognizable musical associations. That said, North Marketing Solutions would not be the first to bring the ‘lips’ to life in 3D form. The company found many beautiful re-imaginings and renderings in existence; however, it was felt they deviated too far from the original magic of John Pache’s 1970s design. They just did not elicit the same nostalgic and titillating reactions as the archetype. Therefore, restraint and respect to the original design needed to be conveyed. Although this presented some hurdles, they were practical ones. For example, how would the statues be transported, set up, and torn down efficiently and effectively? Tackling these hurdles were key components to the design process.

滚石乐队“嘴唇”标志已经在世界各地的几代摇滚迷心中刻下了印记,跨越任何的国界。有人说这是最容易辨认的音乐标识之一。尽管North Marketing Solutions公司并不是第一个将“嘴唇”以3D形式呈现出来的公司,还为这个标识做了许多新的设计和渲染。然而,有人觉得它们偏离了约翰·帕希(John Pache)在上世纪70年代设计的初衷,他们没有引起人们怀旧和兴奋。因此,标识还需要传达对原始设计的约束和尊重。虽然这个要求的提出了增加了一些难度,但这些都是有用的。例如,如何高效地运输、安装和拆除雕像?解决这些障碍是设计的关键。




The statues were ultimately designed to consist of three separate pieces: lips milled out of marine grade medium-density fibreboard (MDF), a steel baseplate inclusive of a vertical post, and an MDF cap for the base. These components needed to be efficiently loaded, transported, unloaded, moved into position, and assembled at each display location—in some instances with a tight turnaround time.


This is where some of this build’s invisible, but essential, design elements were implemented. Maneuvering the large, heavy, and awkwardly shaped 3D logo presented a huge challenge where a custom transportation solution would also require design. The statues needed to have the ability to wheel around on their side and fit through doors, elevators, etc., but would also need to lay horizontally for assembly. In essence, what the company designed was a functional shipping crate that was also used to prop the statues in position for inserting the essential, and extremely heavy, baseplate.



The statues comprised 16 layers of MDF, which were cut one by one using a computer numerical control (CNC) router and stacked onto each other back to front. This process is similar to 3D printing, but much more manual in nature. North Marketing Solutions’ in-house design team created the cut files, which were typical flat vector files.

这些雕像由16层中密度纤维板组成,用电脑数控平槽刨一个接一个地切割,然后前后堆叠起来。这一过程类似于3D打印,但本质上还是偏向手工。North Marketing Solutions公司的内部设计团队还创建了平面矢量文件,用于标识的设计和制作。


Once the layers were assembled, the CNC was then programmed to create rounded and curved surfaces and edges. The statues required many hours of sanding to achieve the final desired shape. All surfaces were primed and painted using an automotive-grade epoxy coating capable of protecting the statues from the elements, as they were being displayed indoors and outdoors.



‘Lip’ service



Heavily trafficked areas dense with the concert attendee demographics had to be identified, especially for such a short-term rollout.(必须查明人口稠密和交通密集的地区,特别是在如此短的时间内开展活动)

The construction of the statues’ backing was up for debate. The team concluded the most sensible option for using the back was to treat it as additional signage. That said, the company’s in-house, large-format print department used its new HP latex printer to produce vinyl graphics with the “No Filter” campaign messaging. There was just enough information to hint and tease the concert was forthcoming, but with no mention of the actual venue.



The statues, while promoting the upcoming event, also tantalized those who saw them as they did not mention the band’s name or the location of the concert anywhere. They simply displayed the band’s recognizable logo, the name of the tour on the backside of the 3D statue, and the concert date—that is all. Fans and interested parties had to do a bit of sleuthing themselves for the actual concert announcement details. The statues, combined with the unknown, is what created all of the hype.



North Marketing Solutions then had to address the challenge of where to display the statues so they would make a big impact once they were revealed. Heavily trafficked areas dense with the concert attendee demographics had to be identified, especially for such a short-term rollout. Therefore, the team had to confidentially scout locations, inquire about rental prices, abide by any rules, and acquire city permits for display purposes—all while not being able to reveal the campaign itself.

然后,North Marketing Solutions公司思考在哪里展示雕像,一旦雕像被展示出来,就必须产生巨大的影响。必须查明人口稠密和交通密集的地区,特别是在如此短的时间内开展活动。因此,该团队不得不秘密地寻找地点,询问租金,并获得城市许可证,用于展示,而所有这些流程中还都不能透露活动信息。


In co-ordination with its clients, North Marketing Solutions arranged for display in such hotbed locations as Union Station—the busiest train station in Canada, Toronto Eaton Centre, the Auto Show, as well as other prime tourist and shopping destinations.

在与客户的协调下,North Marketing Solutions公司在联合车站(加拿大最繁忙的火车站)、多伦多伊顿中心、车展以及其他主要旅游和购物目的地等热门地点进行标识展示。

In co-ordination with their agency partner, the company also arranged for Rolling Stones concert video content to be projected onto a multitude of buildings and structures throughout the province as an additional way to tease the public of the upcoming event.


As a result, fans flocked to Google with the question: “Are the Rolling Stones coming to Toronto?” This indicated the teasers were working.



Licking one’s lips



The statues comprised 16 layers of MDF, which were cut one by one using a computer numerical control (CNC) router and stacked onto each other back to front.(雕像由16层中密度纤维板组成,用电脑数控平槽刨一层一层地切割,并前后堆叠。)

Following the initial concert tease and official announcement, the statues eventually made their way to the Burl’s Creek Event Grounds where they were displayed during the concert event. North Marketing Solutions received numerous inquiries throughout the campaign from eager fans, businesses, and charities all wanting to know how they could get their hands on one for their own use.

在最初用标识进行暗示和官方宣布之后,这些雕像最终来到了布尔克里克活动场地,在音乐会期间展出。North Marketing Solutions公司在整个活动过程中收到了无数来自热心粉丝、企业和慈善机构的询问,他们都想知道如何才能获得一个属于自己的嘴唇雕像标识。


North Marketing Solutions started as a large-format printing company mainly serving the experiential marketing and retail industry across Canada. With its clients demanding more custom-fabricated displays and signage, they adapted by opening a fabrication company called North Design Build. Each job starts with a design, which typically includes a computer-aided design (CAD) drawing and 3D model. The advantage of North Marketing Solutions’ process is its clients are able to see exactly what the end product will look like—even before it is produced. The shop’s in-house fabrication capabilities include plastic, wood, and metal, as well as a range of other unique materials and processes. Combining these with the company’s printing capabilities, it can produce virtually any display imaginable.

North Marketing Solutions最初是一家大型印刷公司,主要服务于加拿大各地的体验营销和零售行业。由于客户要求定制更多的显示屏和标识,他们开设了一家名为North Design Build的制造公司。每项工作都从设计开始,通常包括计算机辅助设计(CAD)绘图和一个营销解决方案。North Marketing Solutions公司的优势在于,它的客户能够准


North Marketing Solutions’ is somewhat of a ‘fun factory.’ According to the company’s director and owner, every day is different as clients continuously challenge them with unusual and surprisingly unique ideas for displaying their brands. The company is regularly creating things that are awe-inspiring, attract attention, and create a positive experience for consumers. The office is constantly populated with things that bring the team joy. Vending machines and teeter-totters (from old campaigns) fill the lobby area and are a fun way to brighten up the day. North Marketing Solutions is in the business of making consumers excited about the brands it represents, and the team cannot see themselves doing anything else.

North Marketing Solutions公司有点像一个“有趣的工厂”。根据公司的总裁的说法,每天都是不同的,因为客户不断地用奇奇怪怪的要求挑战他们,展示品牌的独特创意。而该公司定期推出一些出人意料、吸引眼球的东西,并给消费者带来积极的体验。办公室里总是堆满了能给团队带来快乐的东西。自动售货机和跷跷板挤满了大堂,用有趣的活动照亮一天的疲惫。North Marketing Solutions公司的业务目标是让消费者对它所代表的品牌感到满意。