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2017年7月杂志——2017德国FESPA展会的主角之一 —— 打印设备




Mimaki will have its biggest presence ever at FESPA 2017 with two stands totalling 534 square metres. Mimaki Europe will be located in the Digital Hall (Stand A25, Hall A1), where it will be demonstrating a wide range of solutions for the sign, display graphics and industrial print sectors, along with a technology demonstration of its unique 3D printing solution.


The company will also have a presence in the Textile Hall (Stand -C50, Hall B6), where visitors will be able to see demonstrations of Mimaki ‘s latest range of textile printers, including the recently introduced dual-ink Tx300P-1800 and the high-speed direct-to-textile Tiger-1800B, both of which have been updated to simultaneously load both textile pigment and sublimation dye inks, thus enabling the use of a single printer to output directly to a wide range of textiles, without the need to change ink systems. For high-volume production requirements, the Tiger-1800B has a maximum printing speed of 390 square metres per hour.



In the Digital Hall, Mimaki will be showing four solvent printers and up to six UV printers, together with two cutting solutions,while also introducing a prototype of its 3D printing solution, a UV-curable four-colour printer that will be able to generate products featuring more than 10 million colour combinations.Mimaki’s printer and ink technologies facilitate high-quality 3D printing that can create fine, precise and incredibly detailed products, such as the intricate scale model of a castle and a traditional Japanese doll that will be shown on the stand. Another unique feature of this printer is its clear ink that can be combined with coloured ink to create half colour transparent models.


In addition, Mimaki will also be showing its JFX200-2531 production flatbed printer, with its larger table, for the first time inmainland Europe.



On Stand E20, Hall B7, Roland will be showcasing products from across its extensive portfolio, including digital wide format printers, cutters and integrated print & cut devices, UV-LED flatbed printers, dye-sublimation solutions, and more.


Launched in March, CAMM-1 GR cutters boast the fastest throughput in their class, delivering up to 1,485mm per second, backed by up to 600g of downforce. Performance-enhancing features include an intuitive overcut function that emulates tangential cutting to deliver sharp, clean corners on challenging media and a dual position cutting carriage for standard and perforated cutting, which is ideal for die-cut decals.

3月份推出的CAMM-1 GR切割机,在同类产品中,它的吞吐量最快,每秒可提供高达1485毫秒的下降力;在产品性能方面,这款产品的切割功能、可模拟切向切割功能都很强大。此外,它还能在介质上提供锋利、干净的拐角,用于标准切割和穿孔切割的双位置切割托架上。

Roland will also be showcasing its TrueVIS next-generation integrated print & cut range, including the latest addition to the TrueVIS family, the SG series. The TrueVIS range delivers the highest levels of printquality in terms of vibrancy, colour gamut and intricate detail, all of which will be demonstrated on the stand.


Other attractions will include Roland’s innovative instant personalisation solutions, such asthe VersaUV range of UV-LED flatbed printers, which print directly onto virtually any object or substrate and include a customer-friendly software interface. Visitors will have the chance to try out this dynamic technology for themselves and take home a unique personalised memento.




Epson has teamed with fashion and décor designers to showcase the quality and potential of its SureColor dye sublimation and direct to garment (DTG) digital printers on Stand D45, Hall A1.


The stand’s fashion space will showcase beautiful haute couturewomenswear designed by Richard Quinn and printed by him onto fabric and Mylar foil using an Epson SureColor SC-F dye-sublimation printer.  Since he graduated from Central St Martins, London, last year, Richard has won the international 2017 H&M Design Award, is one of Dazed Magazine’s ‘Dazed100’ cultural influencers in 2017, and has just been named the British Fashion Council’s ‘One to Watch’ in 2017. He is currently setting up his own digital/screen print studio using Epson technology in London, where he will design, print and make his collections on site, as well as running digital print workshops for new designers.

EPSON公司特意在展台上做了很多精美时尚的装饰,以配合展示由Richard Quinn设计的高级定制外套,并使用爱普生SureColor SC-F染色升华打印机将其印在了面料上。这位设计师Richard Quinn,在去年从伦敦中央圣马丁大学毕业后,就获得了国际风雨设计大奖,并且还被英国时尚事务委员会,评为了Dazed杂志“Dazed100”文化影响人物之一。目前,他在伦敦创立了自己的数字印刷工作室,结合爱普生技术,他在展会现场展示了他设计的藏品,并举办了数字印刷研讨会。

The Epson garment space will feature innovative touchscreens developed by YRStore, which allow customers to create their own designs for T-shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts, hats and more. In this area, visitors will see samples of T-shirts featuring beautiful designs produced by Richard Quinn and French T-Shirt specialist Ranitex, and the SureColor SC-F2000 DTG printer will be in action demonstrating why this desktop model is so popular with garment producers and retailers.

EPSON公司在服装领域采用了由YRStore开发的创新触摸屏,可以让客户自己来创造他们想要的T恤、polo衫、汗衫、帽子的样式。此外,通过SureColor SC-F2000 DTG打印机的呈现,观众还可以看到由Richard Quinn和法国T恤专家Ranitex生产的T恤衫样式,这款新产品受到了很多服装生产者和零售商的喜爱。



Inca Digital will be exhibiting at FESPA for the first time in its own right, on Stand D51, Hall A4, with the exhibition providing the company with the perfect platform to showcase a range of new products and technologies.


It will be showing on a themed stand that will illustrate the full scope of its inkjet innovations and will also feature a renowned magician, who will be demonstrating the magic of Inca through the use of bespoke illusions and performances.


Taking centre stage on the stand will be the latest version of the SpyderX, a flatbed machine that offers the added functionality of roll-to-roll printing, which will be shown printing onto a range of substrates. Launched in 2016, the SpyderX has been developed to meet the increasing market demand for a cost-effective mid-range printer that is capable of delivering the highest quality prints on a wide variety of substrates. Also on show will be Inca’s new IncaConnect software suite that was developed in response to the need for greater visibility and management of the workflow process for the Onset and Spyder machines.


Other stand attractions will include Inca Genius, Inca’s service for the industrial market, via a showcase and demonstration videos.




ColorJet India, India’s largest manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers, will be showcasing the Softjet digital printer on Stand G62, Hall B5.

印度最大的宽幅喷墨打印机制造商ColorJet India在B5展厅G62展位上展示了一款Softjet数字打印机。

A further addition to its range of machines designed to product soft signage applications, the Softjet uses environmentally friendly inks to print directly on to polyester based fabrics that can be used to provide banners, flags, hoardings and flexible and backlit displays.Available in both 2.5 and 3.2 metre print widths to accommodate a wide variety of different applications, the Softjet has already been successfully installed in several countries across the world.


The printer comes complete with a proprietary AIVC technology that ensures consistent print performance by maintaining constant jetting conditions in varying environmental conditions, and also features an automated feed and take-up system, to facilitate long, unattended print runs.





InkTec will be using the opportunity of the show to debut itsJETRIX LXi8 LED-UV flatbed printer for the first time in mainland Europe.

InkTec公司利用这次展会的机会,首次在欧洲亮相了一款JETRIX LXi8 LED-UV平板打印机。

Visitors to Stand C20, Hall B5 will be able to se the LXi8, which is designed for the production of short-term outdoor signage, window graphics, inerior décor and industrial applications, running at top production speeds of over 205sqm per hour, while at the same time, delivering optimal printing results with InkTec’s latest generation LED-UV ink.


In addition, InkTec will be using three special zones to highlight its latest innovations in inks and media.The Solvent Zone will feature EcoNova Aurora and EcoNova Maple, InkTec’s latest premium eco solvent inks for use with Roland and Mimaki plotters equipped with DX7 printheads.


They offer a wide colour gamut, plus excellent scratch and alcohol resistance.  In the Sublimation Zone, InkTec will showcase its anti-aggregation technology, which ensures particle stability and an enhanced printing performance, while the Media Zone will feature Inktec’s latest media, including a new HP latex compatible material available in a choice of satin and gloss finishes.